Welcome to Shanghai International Medical Disinfection And Infection Control Fair 2024!
Welcome to the Medical Expo
2024上海国际医用消毒及感控设备展览会|2024上海国际消毒学及感染控制学术会议,来自全国各地参展商808家,专业观众4万人次,展览面积5万平米。展会产品涉及:医用消毒展区、家用消毒展区、环境消毒展区、空气消毒展区、食品/养殖消毒展区、消毒包装展区、感染控制及预防展区、消毒感控自动化展区等产品;展会坚持走专业化的特色发展道路,以推动产业升级、行业创新发展为己任,为国内外买家采购交流提供一个行业的饕餮盛宴!上海消毒展及消毒学感控学术会议参展咨询:159 0218 6639(微信同号)
40,000m2 Exhibition area
CMEH Exhibition area of medical Expo 40,000 Flat floor exhibition
More than 1200 enterprises are expected to participate in the exhibition
40,000+ Audience
It is expected that there will be more than 40,000 medical institutions, manufacturers and distribution agents across the country, and medical industry elites will gather
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About the Chinese medical market
On the Chinese medical care market China has a population of 1.4 billion At present, there are more than one million medical institutions, including hospitals, emergency centers, maternal and child care service centers, community health care centers, rehabilitation centers, health centers, physical examination centers, clinics and drugstores; and among them there are 35,000 hospitals. The investigation and research results show that 80% of Chinese hospitals favor foreign products!
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